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Main Water Line Services

Every building connected to municipal water sources has a main water line feeding the property with life-sustaining water. This main line generally meets the city’s water pipes out near the street, then guides the appropriate amount towards the property in a smaller, but still rather large pipe. Because this water is clean and meant to be used for human purposes, it’s important that this main water line remain clear and without intrusion.

Occasionally this water main line will become compromised, either due to seismic activity, vegetation growth such as tree roots, or even human-induced troubles such as damage while digging. Whatever the cause, this intrusion means that you are losing water through a crack in the pipe, your water is being contaminated, or both. Ultimately, this issue needs to be fixed quickly to prevent illness and high water bills due to waste.

Salt Lake Plumber Pros has seen it all. We have dealt with these issues for years, so we understand how to quickly diagnose the problem and fix things with as little unnecessary disruption as possible. That means we can find the damage, provide a solution, then implement that plan so things are flowing properly and safely again.

To better understand how these issues can affect you, let’s discuss some of the main problems you may face. 

Water Main Plumbers

main water line service issues

water discoloration

When you have a damaged main water line it will often result in discolored water. This is because your pipe is allowing dirt and debris in where the clean water is flowing. That can lead to human sickness and increase the hardness of your water. 

low water pressure

Perhaps one of the most common signs of a main water line issue is that your water pressure will begin to feel weaker. That is because you are losing valuable water well before it ever reaches the pipes within your home or business. That lost water is not only costly but the reduced pressure from that loss means you are not able to enjoy and use your water as effectively.

higher utility bills

It may be too late if this is your first indicator, but as you can imagine, paying for water that you are not using can be frustrating. When you are leaking water you are still paying for it as if it was being consumed by your property, even if that consumption is going to the ground around you. Even a small leak can add up to costly waste.

flooding and oversaturation

When water is leaking from your main line, that water is going somewhere. Often it results in excessive saturation to the ground around the damaged portion of the pipe. That means you are lacking water, and wasting water, but it also could lead to tertiary issues such as damage to grass and plants from the overwatering.

Main Water Line Services

If you suspect your property may be suffering from damage to your main water line, it would be wise to have our plumbers come out for a free consultation. We can provide you with options, including a full inspection that can diagnose the problem precisely and allow us to present you with a plan to fix it. Learn more by reaching out to our team.

Water Main Line Plumbing Services

With 24/7 emergency availability, our main water line services will ensure your water continues to flow no matter what. Call with questions.