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As plumbing contractors we know how to fix your broken water lines, replace your sewer lines, fix you leaking pipes, install new water heaters, replace water softeners, change out your garbage disposal and more.

We are professional plumbing contractors who stand behind our work and deliver on our word.

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Salt Lake Plumber Pros is a full service plumbing company that can provide your residential plumbing or commercial plumbing services. 

We hire the best plumbers available, and train them how to deliver the highest quality of plumbing work. We arm them with the best equipment and tools and make sure they have the power to offer you the best deals on plumbing services.

We are not some fly-by-night plumbing company. We are partnered with the best local plumbers so you can count on the work we do.

We are local, meaning we live here and work here like you. We care about the people we serve and know that only by providing the best results can we keep your business and earn your referrals. 

Anywhere in Salt Lake County, we can respond fast and make sure your plumbing problems are resolved.

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Residential Plumbing

Your residential plumbing is an important part of your life. We care that your family is safe and comfortable. We can fix any leaking pipe, broken water heater, or other home plumbing needs. When you call your residential plumbers in Salt Lake City, you can expect that we will get there fast and fix whatever is broken. Call us at (801) 436-7994 and we will answer to help with your plumbing needs.

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial plumbing is for any business such as offices, industrial companies, production or manufacturing facilities, or any other professional business office. We can respond quickly and take care of your business plumbing needs any time of day. We are professional and will leave your business clean and your office plumbing working as good as new.

Drain Cleaning Services

For the fastest and most reliable drain cleaning services, Salt Lake Plumber Pros should be your first call. We can handle any of your drain rooting needs in Salt Lake City. We have the best equipment for hydro-jetting or basic drain snaking, whatever it takes. We could easily be called Salt Lake drain cleaning pros for how good a job we do.

Emergency Plumbing

Emergency plumbing is a common need for most homes and businesses. When you plumbing goes on the fritz, you should call Salt Lake Plumber Pros no matter what time of day or day of the week. As Salt Lake emergency plumbers we are here when you call, even if nobody else will answer the phone. We respond fast and offer fair prices. Call us at (801) 436-7994

Water Heater Plumbing

If you ever wake up to cold water in your shower you will know that a broken water heater is unacceptable. We agree. We don’t want you spending any length of time not being able to wash dishes, clean clothes, or bathe. We don’t just do broken water heater repairs, we can do water heater replacement or water heater installations that provide you sound peace of mind and long term reliability.

Water Softener Plumbing

There are several reasons your water softener may not work properly. We can address issues such as blocked injectors, broken or worn motors, and salt bridges. When your water softener is broken, we can offer water softener replacements or or water softener repairs. Our equipment is the highest quality and yet very affordable. We offer excellent service with professionalism and work you can trust.

Main Water Line Plumbing

The water that flows into your home has to pass through a main water line pipe. This pipe can experience damage due to construction nearby, earthquakes, or natural things like tree root growth. We can inspect the main water line with cameras, and if necessary replace the damage water pipe. We get the work done fast and leave you feeling comfortable and happy again. For quotes, call us at (801) 436-7994 today

Main Drain Line Plumbing

Just as your water line can be damaged, your main sewer line can also face problems. We can use the same cameras and equipment to check the damage to your sewer main line to make sure the right repairs are done. We can replace the sewer line and fix it once again. We have excellent Salt Lake plumbers who will fix your sewer main lines and we stand behind our work.

SLC Plumbing Services You Can Count On Every Time

In it’s simplest form, plumbing is about water flowing through pipes. While it sounds simple, and in some ways it is, there is a lot to it.

Plumbing pipes have been made out of clay, metals, and PVC. They come in different shapes, sizes and lengths.

As the water flows it carries with it minerals and other microscopic particles that slowly wear away at the pipes. This leads to leaking pipes which leads to water damage to your home or business.

That is typically when a plumber comes into the picture.

As trusted Salt Lake City plumbers, we are here to fix those problems.

We can help with all your plumbing needs. That includes water line repairs, water softener installations, hot water heater replacements, new water line installation, drain cleaning, sewer line clearing, pipe sweating and more.

We are capable of installing drain lines or moving sinks, searching pipes with cameras and identifying blockages, and fixing those pesky faucet leaks.

Because we use the best equipment and parts, and work with a care and professionalism that exceeds most other Salt Lake City plumbers, you can know we are going to give you our very best.

We’re here to offer estimates and answer all your questions. Just call your Salt Lake City Plumber Pros at (801) 436-7994